Download the flyer

You can print out the pdf of the flyer for distribution on November 19th.
Bookmark to be placed in Ray Comfort's edition of On the Origin of Species
Download this double-sided bookmark and take it to a professional print shop
A full page of bookmarks (front)
Page of bookmarks (front)
A full page of bookmarks (back)
Page of bookmarks (back)

To print out your own bookmarks on your laser or inkjet printer, use the two "Page of bookmarks" files above. Print one side, flip the paper over, print the other side, and then use the guidelines to cut out the bookmarks.

Biology textbook author Kenneth Miller has also created a pamphlet which can be printed out and distributed. It is available here.

For memorable visuals at your event, purchase a printed sign (which can cost $30 or less) from We've created some prefab signs below that you can use or customize

picture of Darwin with caption Support Science Darwin Evolve Poster Evolution: Epic Win