Analysis and synopsis

Ray Comfort has written a lengthy introduction to his edition of Darwin's Origin of Species. This introduction is partly lifted from other sources, partly Comfort's own musings on Darwin's life and legacy, and partly Comfort's evangelism.

Virtually every page contains scientific and historical errors.

Comfort repeats hackneyed creationist claims: a lack of fossils with transitional forms (false), the complexity of DNA requiring a creator (false), the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics somehow making evolution impossible (false). Comfort offers no fresh ideas, and simply parrots standard creationist talking points, all long-ago debunked by sites such as

Comfort attacks Darwin personally, assailing what he believes to be Darwin's racism and misogyny. Comfort even goes so far as to say that Darwin's most "famous student" was Adolf Hitler. Comfort does not provide meaningful evidence for such outrageous claims, only a few out-of-context quotes in a limp effort to tarnish Darwin. Comfort's use of attacks that are both ad hominem and insupportable exposes him as someone willing to bear false witness in order to promote his agenda.

Comfort dwells upon Darwin's religious beliefs, as if these beliefs were the key to evolution rather than the scientific evidence Darwin marshaled. It isn't surprising, then, to find that religion is at the heart of Comfort's own agenda. Because Comfort is unable to make meaningful attacks on evolution on the basis of the scientific evidence, he turns to non-scientific arguments.

Some of the most egregious quotes from Comfort:

1. p. 1-5, The History of Charles Darwin

2. p. 5-9, Darwin's Religious Beliefs

3. p. 9-13, The DNA Code

4. p. 13-16, Transitional Forms

5. p. 16-18, The Missing Link

6. p. 18-20, The Cambrian Explosion

7. p. 20-21, The Evolutionary Process

8. p. 21-26, Mutations

9. p. 26-30, Evolution's Difficult Questions

10. p. 30-31, Vestigial Organs—Leftovers Again?

11. p. 31, Another Thought

12. p. 31-34, Darwin's "Unsavory" Views

13. p. 34-35, His Disdain of Women

14. p. 35-37, His Famous Student [Hitler]

15. p. 37-39, The Hit List

16. p. 39-41, Darwin and Atheism

17. p. 41-42, Solving Life's Most Important Question

18. p. 42-43, The Leap

19. p. 43-44, Little Jessica

The following sections of Comfort's introduction involve religious statements that do not directly touch upon Darwin or evolution. We leave these topics to the individual reader.

20. p. 44-45, How Do You React?

21. p. 45-46, Instant Death

22. p. 46-47, Let's See

23. p. 47-48, Back to the Plane

24. p. 49, Do It Today