The Don’t Diss Darwin Institute

Creationism is coming to a campus near you.

On November 19th, Los Angeles-based creationist Ray Comfort plans to distribute thousands of free copies of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species to students at the “100 top U.S. universities.” The catch? This edition of Origin includes a 54-page “special” introduction written by Comfort.

What makes this introduction special? Darwin biographer and science writer David Quammen puts it best:

Comfort’s confused polemic, disguised as an informational Introduction but full of mistakes, half truths, untruths, muddled logic, old creationist arguments, misleadingly excerpted quotations, and ill-framed analogies — plus a good dose of fire and brimstone at the end — will do a severe disservice to anyone who takes it for an entryway to Darwin’s great book.

In response to the Comfort Origin, the NCSE is launching a campaign at colleges across the U.S. to put the record straight. On this site, you’ll find a number of useful resources, including a blow-by-blow analysis of the Comfort introduction, a one page flier (“Why Ray Comfort is Wrong”), the NCSE Safety Bookmark (for use with Comfort’s edition of Origin), details on the best web sites and books devoted to evolutionary science, and a Public Service film about the dangers of certain book introductions.

CONTACT: Robert Luhn of the NCSE, 510-601-7203,, or Steven Newton,